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Director, editor
Hong Kong, Mexico

<Ma!> is based on the theatre project <The Battle Of Mum> to develop a short film, bring two characters stories into the film.

"Ma!"是以劇場作品"The Battle of Mum"為藍本改編的短片,將當中兩個角色的故事帶到短片裡。


Taking care new born baby occupied her life, she starts to lose control of her life, she can't find back herself. It's not only happened on her, but all of her. So, how can we find her back?

照顧新生的BB將佔據媽媽的生活,她的生活開始失控,感到迷失。不至是她 - 是每一個她。怎樣才能找回她呢?

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