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The Darkness In Mexico
Director, editor
Hong Kong, Mexico

The whole world got into the darkness in 2020, people were suffering from the COVID- 19, quarantine, unemployment and separation from their love. All their life plans were changed and become uncertain.

Yukko planned to make a theatre show in Mexico in 2020 but the pandemic changed the plan, actually the whole arts industry was changing too. All these unexpected situations bring me to Tenebrarum, and through The Darkness In Mexico to see history at a glance.


Yukko原定計劃在墨西哥舉辦的劇場計劃也因著疫情而暫緩,而全球的表演行業也不受影響。命運此時卻把Yukko帶到Tenebrarum的世界裡 - 墨西哥第一代的金屬音樂樂隊,透過他們窺探墨西哥的歷史文化。


The pandemic gives a chance to Yukko to live in Mexico over half a year, experienced a different life. To discovered its contrast culture, and met the first metal band in Mexico – Tenebrarum. How Tenebrarum grew as a band and brings inspiration to Yukko, how music changed people life and helped them embrace their trueself.

There are different sides in metal music, in mexico and in 2020, we need to open our heart and explore them; and the most important part is how to find the possibilities from the darkness.

疫情為Yukko帶來意想不到的機會 - 在墨西哥濟留生活了大半年,體驗不一樣的生活模式。她發現墨西哥充滿矛盾的文化,遇上墨西哥第一代金屬樂隊 - Tenebrarum。Tenebrarum的成長為Yukko帶來很多擊衝 - 音樂怎樣改變生命,讓人尋找生命的平衡點。


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