Design & Marketing

Yukko has designed for various theatre shows and has expertise in both traditional and digital marketing strategies.

Highlight design & marketing projects:

- "Beyond The Horizon 2018" reached 208.1K audiences in facebook, got 155.5k post engagement.

- Designed over 200 graphics for the long running show "Kitty Hunter" and the 15th Anniversary script

-Chief designer of 2Goods (Message Tee Store), responsible for branding design, packaging design, promotional material design to product design

陳裕君(Yukko) 曾為不同的演出作設計及製定宣傳策略。

Highlight projects:

  • "駒歌 2018" facebook宣傳觸及率達 208.1k, 貼文互動次數達 155.5k。
  • 為長壽劇"吉蒂與死人頭"設計超過200款平面設計,並為15週年紀念版的劇本集設計。
  • 擔任2Goods(文化產業Message Tee店)的主設計師,負責品牌設計、包裝設計、宣傳設計、產品設計。
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