Project Manager

Yukko managed different projects, included community touring project, school touring project, festival project, internship project, publishing project and international exchange project. Responsible for proposal writing, organizing with team, logistic arrangement, planning & execution and preparing the report.

Highlight projects:

- "Theatre Everywhere" project, organized with different organizations, church, cafes, bookstores, studios, and West Kowloon Cultural District. To bring theatre to everywhere.

- "Performers" - arranged to build the first unique performing truck in Hong Kong, a truck with automatic curtain, lighting and sound system.

陳裕君(Yukko) 曾管理不同類型的項目,包括社區巡迴演出計劃、學校巡迴演出計劃、藝術節、實習生計劃、出版計劃及國際交流計劃。擅於寫計劃書、管理團隊、物流安排、策劃與執行計劃及填寫計劃報告。

Highlight projects:

  • "Theatre Everywhere"計劃,統籌與不同的單位合作 - 社福機構、教會、咖啡店、書店、排練室及西九龍文化藝術區,將劇場帶到不同角落。
  • "Performer"計劃 - 安排製作全港第一架獨特的表演車 - 含自動升解幕門、舞台燈光系統及音響系統。
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