La Distancia Entre Nosotros
Director, co-producer
Hong Kong, Mexico

When the pandemic broke out, we started to have social distance between people. People started to have different emotions - lonely, depress, powerless. Some great people scarified for the others for saving life.

This is a big moment in the histroy, Yukko wants to use theatre to memorize all these moments and use an interative theatre to make the child more enjoyable.
So, she collaborated with the Mexican artists to use movement and music to bring the audiences in a jorney.


這是一個歷史的時刻,因此透過劇場紀錄這時代的感受;特別希望孩子能夠感受更多而以互動劇場形式創作。"La Distancia Entre Nosotros"由陳裕君(Yukko)導演並與墨西哥表演者合作,透過形體與音樂帶領觀眾進入旅程。


In the super full moon day, a girl opened Lunana, released all the desires and sins. Therefore, Hehebo became a mess.

Omi saw his friends and family suffering from pain, he doesn't want to wait but take action for saving them. Omi started the adventure with M and Ari to find medicine, but there are lots of monsters stopping them.

Can they find the solution and come back to Hehebo safely? How much do they need to sacrify for returning a peaceful planet?


Omi不忍見到親朋受苦,他決定以行動改變命運。Omi與M & Ari共同展開了尋找解藥的旅程,但沿路佈滿陷阱與怪魔。到底他們能否拯救Hehebo?需要付出與犧牲才能換回Hehebo的平靜呢?

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