The Darkness
In Mexico

Director / Editor
Hong Kong, Mexico

The world was plunged into darkness in 2020 as the COVID-19 pandemic brought about suffering, quarantine, unemployment, and separation for many people. Life plans were altered and became uncertain.

Yukko had planned to produce a theatre show in Mexico in 2020, but the pandemic changed those plans, and the entire arts industry was impacted. These unexpected circumstances led her to create the documentary film with Tenebrarum, a documentary film which examines the history of Mexico and its people through the lens of the darkness that enveloped us all during this difficult time.


The pandemic presented an opportunity for Yukko to live in Mexico for half a year and experience a different way of life. While there, Yukko discovered the country's rich cultural contrasts and met the band Tenebrarum, one of the first metal bands in Mexico.

Tenebrarum's journey and success as a band served as an inspiration to Yukko, who saw firsthand how music can change people's lives and help them embrace their true selves. There are many different sides to metal music, both in Mexico and globally, and during the darkness of 2020, it is important to open one's heart and explore them. The most important thing is to find the possibilities that lie within the darkness.

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