The Battle Of Mum

Director, Co-Producer
Hong Kong, Mexico

During the pandemic, lots of mum quarantine at home. They have lots of identities and duties - keeping the house clean & tidy, providing food, searching for missing stuffs, replacing teacher's duty, being a wife, etc..

But they are not superwomen, they are just human. They felt exhausted, depressed and burn-out too. Sometimes the family take it for grant, they forgot how the mum feel. So, Yukko wishes "The battle of mum" can show some support to mum, let them know they are not alone. And the audiences can listen their stories and understand more.


Eight mum got burned out, they can't take care of the baby anymore. They just wish to have a little rest - even it's a little wish to go for a proper pooping, it's impossible.

Therefore, they decided to make a revolution, to ask for what they want, to be themselves. Under the sterotype from society, pressure from family, they have lots of struggling in life, some of them tried to be perfect, be sexy, be a table dancer for money. However, behind all these, they are just a woman who need to beloved and to love. Can they find what they really want in life?

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